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Professional Development Opportunities, Communications & Social Media

Internal Communications (Effective Internal Communication): 

Do the people who work in your school seem to have all the information they need when they need it? How we communicate as a whole team can greatly affect how effectively a school operates. EdTech Ease will assist in defining the communication concerns your school is experiencing. ETE will then create a customized plan for increasing the internal communication effectiveness of your staff.

 Social Media: How Best to tell your Story: 

You know all the wonderful educational opportunities that your students are exposed to on a daily basis. You know how innovative your teachers are in reaching all students. Now how do you get that message out to your parents and the community? One way is through the use of Social Media. It is available at your fingertips. EdTech EASE can guide you through developing a Social Media Strategy, educate your administration team or faculty in telling the school’s story through social media, or maybe you want ETE to conduct a parent workshop in using social media.