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 Enhance, Design, Implement Your Own Makerspace



Creating inviting valuable learning spaces for students can be daunting. Let EdTech EASE partner with your school in designing a Makerspace that is customized to your STEAM vision. Whether you are repurposing an existing space or creating a new one, ETE will guide you in the questions to ask of shareholders, including the students and teachers who will use the space. 
Do you already have a Makerspace but don’t know what the next steps are? EdTech EASE will develop a next steps plan for encouraging the faculty to use the space with curricular aligned projects as well as incorporating a developmental coding instruction strategy.  ETE can create a multi-year strategic plan that includes  adding resources, funding the plan and professional development related to your Makerspace. 
Don’t have an available space to define as a Makerspace? EdTech EASE can guide your faculty into creating portable Innovation Kits. These will be flexible, reusable, and curricular aligned.