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Customized Professional Development

Curriculum Review:

Maintaining quality and effective educational opportunities relies on having a solid curricular framework. Having a curriculum review cycle ensures that your school is continually evaluating the effectiveness of the educational program being used in the classrooms. ETE will assist your administrative team in designing a curriculum review cycle and support your curriculum coordinator in a complete review for one curricular subject. At the conclusion of this review, your school will have the tools and expertise to perform curriculum reviews based on your individual review cycle. 

Implementing a Differentiated Culture: 

Ask any teacher what is the hardest thing to do in the classroom and one of their top 5 answers will be meeting the diverse academic and social/emotional needs of students. From workshops, in-class coaching to digital communications, EdTech EASE can be teachers go-to resource. ETE can design a customized method for supporting your teachers with differentiating in their classrooms. 


Tech Integration:  

It is not about the device, app or software. Integrating technology into curriculum and ultimately lessons involves making sure the choice is going to be effective in engaging students with the concepts and ideas. EdTech EASE offers a variety of ways to evaluate and enhance the effectiveness of your faculty’s tech integration. Let us evaluate your school's current level of effective technology integration. Or create a customized technology integration plan for working with the teachers. ETE will provide ongoing coaching with teachers in their classrooms to model and support the tech integration plan.