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Accountability - What does it mean to be accountable?

Accountability. A word that is thrown around schools, discussed with parents, and expected of students. But what is it? The New Oxford American Dictionary on my computer defines accountability as: the fact or condition of being accountable; responsibility. So when we say students need to be accountable, we are saying we want students to be responsi...
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Parent Engagement

A blog post I wrote in the fall was about creating a classroom community with your students. Creating a safe place for respectful discussion to occur, for students to take risks their with education, not "play it safe" for the grades. But what about the others who have also been part of your classroom this year? What about your students' parents? A...
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My mind is currently a mess! Ideas for this blog start to percolate and then fizzle out. I have a list of ideas but none seem to develop into a full blog. So, today you are reading my list. Maybe jotting down these thoughts will help the ideas to grow and become clear expressions. Positivity - how to reframe thoughts into positive actions What back...
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Teachers use Design Thinking all the time!

As educators we are encouraged to teach our students to be problem solvers. We read about students as makers and creators. We can search the internet for Design Thinking Process graphics to guide our students. John Spencer and A.J. Juliani wrote a great book, LAUNCH , to mentor us into using Design Thinking in our classrooms. If you have not introd...
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Not Just One Week

 I started this blog post back in the fall when social media was touting Digital Citizenship Week and Hour of Code. But I decided not to finish this thought. Well, last week we had #DigitalLearningDay and I found myself thinking about this idea again. It just so happened that on #DigitalLearningDay I was part of a team that had a fundraiser fo...
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Teacher FOMO?

FOMO-Fear Of Missing Out. This is a real concern for educators and parents alike. Our students constantly using their digital devices to check their social media sites. Are their friends doing something "great?" Did they not get invited to something this weekend? Did they not watch the Netflix show that everyone will be talking about on Monday? But...
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This past week was FETC, Future of Education Technology Conference, week on my calendar. I have been going to FETC for at least 5 years. Some years I have felt that I got more out of the workshops and presentations than other years. But I always go because I truly feel it is important to be a life long learner and FETC is in my back yard. It makes ...
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Here come the Olympics!

I love the Olympics! Ask my family, I get excited as the Olympics gets closer. When I was teaching I always did some activities with my class related to the Olympics. As Principal, I made sure that our student run morning news had a medal count. I am secretly even happier with my decision to become an educational consultant because next month ...
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Let's Dance in the Rain

 A friend of mine has gone through a difficult illness. It makes me feel useless. I can't fix this for her. I can be there for her. I can listen, go with her to doctors' appointments. But I can't make her better immediately! I can encourage her when she is frustrated and scared. But I can't make the treatment go completely smoothly.  I ha...
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Recently FAME, Florida Association for Media in Education (@floridamediaed), tweeted out a link to a TED Talk: How to Design a Library that Makes Kids Want to Read (https://www.ted.com/talks/michael_bierut_how_to_design_a_library_that_makes_kids_want_to_read). I watched this with the expectation that this would be about furniture or creating a Libr...
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PDOYT - Part 2

I had coffee with a colleague the other day. In the course of our conversation, she told me how overwhelmed she was by her new position in a public school. This is her first year back teaching in a public school after a number of years in an independent school. But this is not her first year teaching, rather she has over a decade in teaching experi...
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A Team Approach

Recently, parents have been more on my mind more than teachers. This may be because I gave a talk on Parenting in the Digital Age. Then I have seen multiple posts about having effective conversations with parents during conferences as well as on a routine basis. This prompted my own post: I would like to encourage a more collaborative approach to p...
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Just Wonder

So last week, my husband and I were on our first empty nest vacation. We came to a place that I have always wondered about. A place I have read about in many, many books. We came to London. So before we even left I was in a mental state of wonder. Will London look like my imagination? Have I been imagining an ancient London or a 1600's London? My s...
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Just a heads up: this is not a "deep" blog post. It is not even going to be very long. I am about to see my youngest at college this weekend and I am already wishing the weekend won't end, so now that I have set the mood. I am sure that you have been to dinner with good friends and it's time to pay the check and all you can think is, 'I don't want ...
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The Hidden Gem

Articles, posts and tweets about recruiting and encouraging teacher leaders are often focused towards school administrators. How can school leaders find and guide teachers to be leaders in their divisions or grade levels. Lately, many of these posts and tweets are concentrating on developing technology leaders among the faculty. What about those te...
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Giving Students a Voice

Schools in Florida had just begun the school year when Hurricane Harvey made landfall in Texas. My partner in EdTech EASE, Michael Hughes, texted me about a project that he just completed with the 5th graders in my former school. After receiving an email from the Head of School who had lived-in Houston for many years, Michael "asked him to relay hi...
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Connections with my Blogging Buddies

Today's world is focused on connections. Connections we have. Connections we are making and those we are working on making. Just look to Social Media to see the importance our culture places on connections. Education is also about making connections. Within our classrooms we connect with students. We connect with their strengths. We connect with th...
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How Do We Teach Tenacity?

How Do We Teach Tenacity?
I was shopping in a local supermarket that is a big sponsor of youth soccer. They had a poster displayed that talked about tenacity, among other attributes. The obvious take away is that by playing youth soccer a child will become tenacious as well as the other attributes. This got me thinking about tenacity and how one develops it and how to teach...
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A Daunting Task

For teachers it is a daunting task to start a school year. The questions that must be answered are abundant. From the practical, 'What will go on this bulletin board,' to the pedagogical, 'How will I inspire these young learners.' But the big question is…how to make this disparate group of individuals into a class community? How can I create a...
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Random Acts of Kindness

Random Acts of Kindness are not random when you create a calendar to follow. Often posts found on teacher sharing sites show bulletin boards designed to encourage acts of kindness. These bulletin boards may direct students to pull off a sticky note with an act of kindness for them to do. On the surface this sounds like a wonderful idea, promoting p...
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