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This week is July 4th week. Freedom is the idea running around in mind this week. What is freedom? So I posted the following on Twitter: 

Here are some of the answers:

FREEDOM to write what you think.

FREEDOM to fail and try, try again.

FREEDOM to disagree.

FREEDOM to be more similar than different.

FREEDOM to be what you are.

FREEDOM to carve out your place.

FREEDOM to impress ourselves.

FREEDOM to educate our kids in ways that suit them.

Here are a few more: 

I finished gathering quotes for this post while watching the Macy's 4th of July program. So some of the answers came from people interviewed. Thoughts on freedom were chosen with positive in mind. Thanks to all those who helped me write this blog! Share your thoughts on the idea of freedom (@edtechease on Twitter and on Facebook 

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