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All Workshops can be customized to your school’s Professional Development Needs.

EdTech EASE can also lead Book Studies (virtually too). Currently leading one this summer on Writing with a Lucy Calkins book

Parent Workshops are available too (Parenting in the Digital Age)

Digital Citizenship, How Am I Supposed to Teach This?

n this connected world, students have access to an unlimited amount of content, people and images. You know that teaching Digital Citizenship is important but what exactly is it? And how can you teach it?  What resources can you include that are appropriate for elementary students? This session will provide an overview of available resources and ways to incorporate Digital Citizenship lessons into multiple curricular areas. 

Literature Lassos that STEAM

Let literature lassos engage thinking in elementary subjects. Discover books for SCIENCE topics or engaging learners with MATH challenges. Non-fiction and fiction literature for TECHNOLOGICAL and ENGINEERING connections. Integrate ART and foster creativity. Give your faculty a saddlebag of literature ideas paired with challenges to bring back to their classes.

Developing Digital Citizens through Literature Lassos

Literature can act as a lasso to grab students’ attention. Choosing a picture book to open or continue a digital citizenship discussion creates a common focus. This session will demonstrate with a few picture books how to find the key mentor text points for using these in the classroom to guide students on their digital citizenship education journey. These literature lassos can become mentor texts for ELA, Science, Social Studies while still providing students with the know-how to be effective Digital Citizens. Fill your teachers resource saddlebags with physical and digital anchor charts; Jamboard lesson ideas, and an ever growing list of Digital Citizenship picturebooks.

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