Professional Development Services & Recent Workshops

Consulting Services

The Professional Development services provided by EdTech EASE are personalized after a consultation. Whether your school needs a series of workshops intermingled with coaching for your faculty or a day long start to a curricular focus. Starting areas to consider are differentiation, curriculum mapping, and creating a culture of literacy.

EdTech EASE offers virtual 1-1 coaching for teachers. For teachers who want to grow so they can support their students’ growth. For schools to invest in their teachers’ growth.

Recent Workshops

All Workshops are customized to your school’s Professional Development Needs.

EdTech EASE also leads Book Studies (virtually too). Currently using The Power of Our Words: Teacher Language that Helps Children Learn by Paula Denton. Some Previous Book Studies have included: The Literacy Workshop by Maria Walther and Karen Biggs-Tucker; Teaching Writing by Lucy Caulkins; I See What You Mean by Steve Molin. Reach out to discuss topics that would work for your school.

Parent Workshops are available (Parenting in the Digital Age). Currently leading a Parenting Book Study: Raising Digital Leaders by Jennifer Casa-Todd.

Digital Citizenship, How Am I Supposed to Teach This?

In this connected world, students have access to an unlimited amount of content, people and images. You know that teaching Digital Citizenship is important but what exactly is it? And how can you teach it? What resources can you include that are appropriate for elementary students? This session will provide an overview of available resources and ways to incorporate Digital Citizenship lessons into multiple curricular areas.

Literature Lassos that STEAM

Let literature lassos engage thinking in elementary subjects. Discover books for SCIENCE topics or engaging learners with MATH challenges. Non-fiction and fiction literature for TECHNOLOGICAL and ENGINEERING connections. Integrate ART and foster creativity. Give your faculty a saddlebag of literature ideas paired with challenges to bring back to their classes.

Word Work & Literature Lassos

Use Literature Lassos to teach, review, and support your students’ phonics and morphology skills. This workshop will provide literature and anchor activities designed to increase your students ability to read and comprehend any word presented in their readings.

Developing Digital Citizens through Literature Lassos

Literature can act as a lasso to grab students’ attention. Choosing a picture book to open or continue a digital citizenship discussion creates a common focus. This session will demonstrate with a few picture books how to find the key mentor text points for using these in the classroom to guide students on their digital citizenship education journey. These literature lassos can become mentor texts for ELA, Science, Social Studies while still providing students with the know-how to be effective Digital Citizens. Fill your teachers resource saddlebags with physical and digital anchor charts; Jamboard lesson ideas, and an ever growing list of Digital Citizenship picturebooks.

Creating a Culture of Literacy

How does one do this? Maybe the better question to ask is, Why create a culture of literacy? This workshop will give you a roadmap to creating a culture of literacy at your school. Ready to start creating a culture of literacy in your classroom or school? Take the first step with me!

Library Design and More

Let us help you create a dynamic and engaging space to serve as the heart of your school to support your students and teachers. Services range from library design, collection analysis, programming activities, campus collaborations, and more.

Curriculum Mapping Coaching

Ready to do the hard work of curriculum mapping. Reflection, review and recording to create a living document of our teaching. contact me if your school need a curriculum mapping coach or someone to oversee the process.

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