My mind is currently a mess! Ideas for this blog start to percolate and then fizzle out. I have a list of ideas but none seem to develop into a full blog. So, today you are reading my list. Maybe jotting down these thoughts will help the ideas to grow and become clear expressions.

  1. Positivity – how to reframe thoughts into positive actions
  2. What background does a teacher need to be qualified to teach?
  3. Telling classroom and school stories
  4. Why reading aloud is so important!
  5. Picturebooks inspire creativity and how to use this in your classroom
  6. Intentionally integrating technology in your classroom is a best practice 
  7. Creating a Culture of Innovation
  8. Multi-age classrooms
  9. How to create a collaborative classroom 
  10. Digital Citizenship is a must teach for all students
  11. Parents as co-learners
  12. The importance of reading to children 
  13. Authentic Arguments 
  14. Conduct Codes

So in brainstorming this list, I realized that there is a different purpose to this blog post. It is a reminder to me that brain dumping, my students like this term better than brainstorming, is a vital part of a creative process. In fact, the imagining of possible solutions/ideas is an integral part of a Design Thinking process.

I have now started my next blog with one of these ideas (check back for my next post). So when you get stuck, try a brain dump. Remind your students the benefits of imagining ideas and solutions.

Thanks for letting me brainstorm! Feel free to add a few more ideas on Twitter (@edtechease) or Facebook ( or in the comments.

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