This time last year I wrote a blog post entitled Reflection. Sound familiar? Yes, I chose to use the same title but added an “s.” Why? Because for most weeks of the last few months I have written social media posts and even a blog post about what I have learned during quarantine, distance learning teaching. This morning I woke up and needed some closure on this time period. 

Yesterday was the last day of school at my main client school and I spent the afternoon gathering materials and computers that were being dropped off by families. This was bittersweet as I got to see some students and parents. Some I had seen at our car parade a few weeks ago but some I had not seen since mid-March. 

The questions started as I drove home:

  • How to “open” this school and all schools in August?
  • What does “open” even mean? 
  • How to assess where the students need to start? Review? Support?
  • Did we get back all the materials? Need to count and then order.
  • Do we add platforms to the typical school day so that if we have to close for a time we are ready?
  • Go-Bags for the students in case of closure? What to put in them? 
  • What worked during distance teaching? What to change?

Then came the reflections:

  • Learning Continues…
  • Every day Google Meets worked well with middle school.
  • Would add more Google Meets to a schedule for 4th and 5th grade.
  • Would include more small group and 1-1 Meets for K-3rd grade. This was a helpful way to do formative assessment.
  • Meet with parents in person at the start of school to set the expectations for work submittal in case we close again.
  • ‘Do with Me’ instructional videos worked really well with K-2nd grade.
  • Google Meets with teachers works to maintain connections and support.
  • Texts and emails to connect with parents always is effective for good relationships, in school or out.
  • A platform for younger students (Maybe Seesaw) for video responses or work turn in. 
  • Google Classroom is efffective in school or out for older students.
  • Loom or Screencastify work well for instructional videos (need premium subscription). May work well for video responses from older students. 
  • There is no one way to remote teach effectively.

 Big reflection >>>>> To make meaningful connections on a regular basis works great in and out of school!

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What have you learned? Share in one of the ways below. If you are looking for some ideas for your children – feel free to contact me.

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