What I Have Learned the First Week of School…

Each week during the past Spring’s sequestering due to Covid I wrote an Instagram post (and 1 blog post) about what I had learned. These thoughts mostly came from the distance teaching I was doing with Kindergarten and my talks with my other teacher colleagues about their experiences. So while walking the other day I started making a mental list of how this first week  of school had gone. I realized Iwas doing the same thing I had done in the Spring. What had I learned and what can I change moving forward.

So a little background on where these learnings are coming from. I am consulting with a small private school and not teaching right now. I helped design their Covid policies and their VIP program during the summer. VIP – Virtual/In Person is this school’s version of a hybrid program. Most students are in person but a few are learning virtually along with their in-person classmates. 

So What Have I Learned:

  1. VIP teaching is hard but not impossible.
    1. Connections are imperative! Making time in the already busy day for teachers to have small group time with their VIP Kids. 
    2. Finding ways for the parents and kids to let the teacher(s) know they are having an issue (need more instructions; can’t hear; going to step away from the screen todo their independent work).
  2. Internet and wireless projector issues are the bane of my school day right now.
    1. Daily adjustments and facing these issues calmly (then going into my office for a silent scream)
  3. It is awesome to see kids in school!!
    1. They are all doing great with mask wearing (reminders are often necessary but are met with understanding by students).
  4. As with any challenge – an open mind and preparedness are key.
  5. Teachers are SuperHeroes!

Will add more on my instagram feed as this year progresses.

So what have you learned? If you have not started school, Good Luck and let us know later what you have learned.Share in one of the ways below. 

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