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Just a few days ago was Black Friday. Now as it was Black Friday 2020, it was a different Black Friday. But what was the same was the enormous number of texts and emails that I received (and I assume you did too) about the deals available. What this really means to me is that holiday gift shopping season is upon us. So as I think about what to get my nieces and nephews, my own children and their significant others, I come back to BOOKS!

When my children were young, they always received a book and a calendar as part of their Chanukah gifts. A calendar because I think that time management is an important life skill and this was my subtle way of encouraging this. A book because my husband and I truly believe you need to READ to Succeed. 

You may be deciding what to get your children or the parents of your students may be asking. To help I thought I would suggest some book and series ideas. Some oldies but goodies and some newer publications. I am partial to series sets for elementary readers as they love to follow a character or characters on a variety of adventures. 

Kindergarten and 1st Grade 

  • Flat Stanley (I Can Read level 2)
  • Unicorn Diaries (Branches Books)
  • Princess Truly I Am a SuperGirl (Acorn Books)
  • Elephant and Piggie Books(by Mo Williams)
  • Owl Diaries (Branches Books)
  • Frog Meets Dog (A Frog and Dog Book) (Acorn Books)

I am a new big fan of the Branches and Acorn books by Scholastic for young readers. Acorn books are the early reader line. These books are designed for children who are learning to read. The books have easy-to-read text, some are phonics based (see the Frog and Dog books), a short-story format, and pictures on every page. Branches books are for newly independent readers that have easy-to-read text that take into account that these readers also have more comprehension skills that require high-interest content and plots. The books still have illustrations on every page to help with context clues. The books are a little longer to promote more stamina in reading independently.

2nd-4th Grades

(reading levels can be dependent on reading fluency and comprehension skills)

  • Eerie Elementary Series
  • Most Valuable Players Series
  • Cam Jansen Series
  • Ato Z Mysteries Series
  • Magic School Bus Rides Again Series
  • What if you had animal … (non-fiction)
  • I am… (Ordinary People Change the World – biographies)

4th & 5th Grades

  • The Explorers: The Door In The Alley (1st in series)
  • Magyk (Septimus Heap, Book 1)
  • Infinity Ring: #01 A Mutiny In Time
  • We the Children (1) (Benjamin Pratt and the Keepers of the School)
  • Don’t Check Out This Book!

This list is far from comprehensive but I hope it gives you a start in your search. Some sites to search too:

You can also find more (and constantly growing) of my lists at these links. 

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Looking for more suggestions?  Reach out and I would be happy to talk BOOKS! Would you like me to come to your school to discuss Literature Lassos?  Reach out via Twitter (@edtechease) or Instagram (@edtechease) or Facebook ( or email me,

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