Putting Covid in the Rearview Mirror

The end of the school year is always a time for a deep sigh. Let’s be honest…more so this school year. But for the last few years, the end of school has been a time of reflection for me. I wrote about these reflections in the past, https://edtechease.com2020/06/12/reflections/ and https://edtechease.com2020/02/02/year-end-reflections/.  The first was a reflection on my first year in a new school environment after many years at my previous school. The second was more geared to how I could take what I had learned during Covid quarantine into a new school year with new Covid procedures looming. But the bottom line reflection for both was that relationships are the key to school success. 

This spring I am putting Covid in my rearview mirror and looking forward but first a little refelction. Regardless of wearing masks, I am grateful for having had in-person learning in both of my client schools. A few of my grateful reflection highlights:

  • Being able to give ‘air high 5’s’ while looking at a student has been better than giving them over Zoom. 
  • Not having students miss instructional time (always an issue when zooming).
  • Still celebrating holidays but with some Covid guidelines in place.
  • Seeing students have social interactions at recess instead of on a screen.
  • Seeing the literacy levels of my elementary students soar! This was a multi-year goal. Now on to math.
  • Starting a 4th/5th grade girls advisory that I will continue next year. 
  • Having end of year celebrations in-person!

Moving my eyes from the rearview to the road ahead…goals for the next school year:

  • Adding in Digital Citizenship Goals for each grade level.
    • Digital Citizenship will be my PD focus for the teachers in my client schools next year.
  • Scheduling weekly model lessons for several grade levels at the start of school rather than add them in later in the year. 
  • Doing a better job at not canceling weekly teacher meetings. Seemed to happen too often. 
  • Being flexible as I support the new high school in their inaugural year.

I am also grateful that this summer will not be spent creating Covid policies but rather focusing on curriculum redesigns and a Writing Book Study with teachers. Both of which will benefit students’ educational growth. 

What things have you placed in your rearview mirror? Let me know through Twitter or Instagram (@edtechease) or Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/edtechease/) or email me, swladis@edtechease.com.

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