Busy or Productive?

This reminder popped up on my daily desk calendar earlier this week. It made me stop and think. I often find myself feeling busy but am I being productive? I have a terrible habit of “doing” multiple things at once. But am I really doing multiple things at once? This article in Forbes magazine from January 2020 (https://bit.ly/multitaskingSW), cites studies and authors that declare that the brain is wired to perform only one task at a time. So, for the last few days, I have made it a challenge to finish one task at a time. To focus on one task at a time.

 I will say my to-do list has seen some decrease and I find that the tasks I have done have been done more effectively. When a task seems to be longer than the time I have, I have broken down the task into smaller parts. This has also made me feel more productive. Rather than lamenting at the end of the day how little I seem to have accomplished, I have found a sense of accomplishment for what I have finished. And even my partially done tasks seem to be closer to done than not done. 

I think this could be an important lesson for students. Prioritize and finish one task at a time. Checking off an item on a to-do list is very satisfying and truly makes one encouraged to start the next task. Even breaking down a large project into manageable chunks can feel productive at each point. 

Take the time in the next week to focus on one to-do at a time and you may be surprised that more gets done and done well.

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