Picturebooks for a Digital World

The Nantucket Sea Monster by Darcy Pattison

  • A Fake News Story

Nerdy Bird Tweets by Aaron Reynolds

  • Social Media

Two Truths and a Tall Tale by Sandy Silverthorne

  • Fake News

 Once Upon a Time Online by David Bedford

  • Digital Commerce
  • Online Safety

#Goldilocks: A Hashtag Cautionary Tale by Jeanne Willis & Tony Ross

  • Social Media
  • Digital Tattoo

For the full ever expanding list:


Or check out this list on Amazon (I don’t receive anything from this list, just a handy place to create a list): https://bit.ly/DigCitETE

If you have Picturebooks that should be on these lists, please let me know! Also recommend some to parents to have these conversations too. One of my favorites to recommend is: You’re Missing It by Brady Smith. This delightful book can start a conversation about Screen Time and act as a reminder for parents about Modeling Healthy Digital habits.

A great time to start these Digital Citizenship conversations is during the upcoming Digital Citizenship Week, October 18-22. Please don’t stop having these conversations after that week. Looking for ways to integrate Digital Citizenship into the classroom? I’ve got you covered with a workshop (or series of workshops) that I can do in person or virtually. Email me, swladis@edtechease.com.

Looking for more suggestions?  Reach out and I would be happy to talk BOOKS! Books about Digital Citizenship, STEAM, Reluctant Readers and more. Would you like me to come to your school to discuss Literature Lassos?  Reach out via Twitter (@edtechease) or Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/edtechease/) or email me, swladis@edtechease.com.

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