Let’s Dance in the Rain

 A friend of mine has gone through a difficult illness. It makes me feel useless. I can’t fix this for her. I can be there for her. I can listen, go with her to doctors’ appointments. But I can’t make her better immediately! I can encourage her when she is frustrated and scared. But I can’t make the treatment go completely smoothly. 

I have learned a vital lesson from my dear friend. Let’s Dance in the Rain! This is from the mug my dear friend gave me.

Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass. It’s about learning how to dance in the rain… Vivian Greene

I look at that mug most mornings and realize my friend is right. We need to always look for the moments of joy that we can grab! 

I have started a journal. Not to chronicle each day but rather to find one, or more, positive moments in my day. To be truthful, I got the idea from a Twitter post. I do not write every day and at first this bothered me. But life can be busy and full. I am mostly accepting this. 

Reading through my entries for the last few months give me joy, almost as much as they did when I first experienced the moment.

As we start 2018, I encourage you to Dance in the Rain. Find the positive moment in each day. Guiding your students to a more positive mindset by finding the moments of joy in their days.

Happy New Year!

Originally posted on Thursday, 04 January 2018.

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