Been staring at this screen for 10 minutes. What to say, do I have anything to say? Is what I say important to read at this time? Well maybe the point is just to make a connection as we all experience social distancing. So here goes my thoughts:

  • Connections are more important than ever! 
    • Reach out to someone who is living alone.
    • Reach out to family, friends.
      • Make a group text to family each day as a check in. My husband sends one out each day to me and our kids. One of my sisters-in-law created one and we check in and share educational resources and other stuff.
    • Don’t know how to use a video conferencing program, reach out to me (, @edtechease) and I will help you.
  • Take a walk outside, sit outside, play catch with your child outside, go outside!
    • That is my mantra to my students and their parents.
  • Use social media for the good it can do: sharing of ideas but turn it off when it gets overwhelming!
    • Facebook has taken on a new meaning for me- connection. Although that is its intended idea I had been decreasing my time on it because it is a time suck for me. But now I want to see more than ever the faces of my friends who live a distance away.

Ok, that’s it! Just wanted to get a few thoughts out. If you are looking for some ideas for your children – feel free to contact me., (email)

@edtechease (Twitter and Instagram) (website) (Pinterest)

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