What I Have Learned…

Just finished my third week of distance learning. Here are some Instagram posts I’ve written about what I have learned on this journey.

Some responses to these posts:

I am starting a break as the school I am consulting with (and teaching Kindergarten remotely for) is having their Spring Break. I will take some time to do my needlepoint, sit outside and go walking, read the stack of books waiting for me, work on some upcoming workshops, learn a new program called Genially (more on that in a later post), and prepare for the restart of distance learning. Not totally different from what a typical school break looks like for me but I will do it without meeting friends for coffee or dinners. Virtually yes but not IRL (in real life).  I hope that all this social distancing reminds us to be nicer to each other, take time for family and connecting face to face not just through texts. 

That is what I have learned. To make meaningful connections on a regular basis. 

What have you learned? Share in one the ways below. If you are looking for some ideas for your children – feel free to contact me. 

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