A Letter to Myself

An End of Year Reflection

This year for my annual school end reflection, I have decided to write myself a letter.  In fact I am having my whole faculty writing themselves a letter. So let’s start.

Dear Me,

I found this year harder than last school year. Last year, was tough with plastic shields, masks, no sharing, lots of Clorox wipes. But everyone was mostly on the same page. We came together to figure it out and continue to educate our students with purpose and perseverance.

This year started with a variety of Covid comfort zones.  Navigating parent and teacher comfort levels was difficult. Teachers leaving the classroom has meant that I have been interviewing non stop since last spring. My mantra this spring was to fill teacher positions before the summer, allowing me to concentrate on curriculum, resources and Professional Development. Well, we are in July and I am still interviewing and obviously finishing my end of year reflection. 

This year has been filled with difficult times but even those times had silver linings. Filling in for teachers who left the school or profession, gave me opportunities to be back in the classroom. I connected with parents as a classroom teacher as well as an educator. Being in the classroom gave me authentic ways to model pedagogy.

I was part of the inaugural year for a girls high school. This opportunity gave me a challenge that was much appreciated. And was fun! Setting academic expectations and a vision for what we want the school to become was such a thrill.

This summer I carved out time to work on curriculum through another book study with teachers. Coached teachers. Did more curriculum and PD planning than interviewing! And even relaxed!!

As I look to this upcoming new school year, once again I am filled with excitement for what can be accomplished always with an eye for student growth as the benchmark.

Keep Moving Forward,


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