A Back to School Literature List with a Twist

At this time of the summer, social media, blogs, bookstore and library displays are filled with back to school literature ideas. I love looking at the ideas to see what Literature Lassos (books) I should add to my office library. I took a look at the books I wanted to showcase for the faculty at the start of a school and found a set of books that would be great. So I compiled a little bit of a different list for the first few days of school.

The start of school always makes me think of new possibilities. This back to school list is themed with the idea of possibilities. These are books that could be reread and referenced all year as our students grow and learn. Each of these books provide ways to discuss how to be a class community. And can be revisited as students learn about their own strengths and grow their interests and develop new skills.

📚Your Fantastic Elastic Brain

A book designed to demonstrate that brains grow as we learn.

📚The Girl Who Never Made Mistakes

A lovely book to demonstrate the normalcy of mistakes.

📚Sometimes it is Hard to be Nice

Love how this book shows realistic examples of how to be nice.

📚My Friend Maggie

Friendship is not always easy and this book helps students identify what it takes to be a friend.

📚Be Kind

What is kindness? What does it look like? A book to demonstrate the ways our students can be kind.

📚How to Apologize

Love how this book gives concrete ways to apologize and that it is important to show you are sorry even if there is no way to show it. 

📚Do Unto Otters

A book to discuss manners.

📚The Brain is Kind of a Big Deal

A funny nonfiction picture book that gives facts about our brains. Our students should understand how their bodies function as they grow and learn.

Think of this list as a Back To School Social Emotional List. I have included all these titles in my Amazon SEL idea list ( just a list – not an affiliate account). https://amzn.to/3OHdvSh

My back to school wish for you and your students is that they can grow their brain, learn to make mistakes and grow from those mistakes, and learn new skills. Enjoy the path to growing and learning! 

Looking for more suggestions?  Reach out and I would be happy to talk BOOKS! Books about Digital Citizenship, STEAM, Reluctant Readers and more. Would you like me to come to your school to discuss Literature Lassos?  Reach out via Instagram or Twitter (@edtechease) or Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/edtechease/) or email me, swladis@edtechease.com.

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